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Aerobie Pro Ring (13") and Aerobie Sprint Ring (10") set - Assorted Colors

These frisbees are too much fun! I have three boys and every time we go to the park or to the beach these are what we wind up going to play with for most of the time. They are so easy to throw that even my two and four-year-olds can throw them with ease. We have been giving them as birthday presents to all of our friends and they are always a big hit. It’s fun to see how such a small child can throw one of these so far! I think it is hugely gratifying for them and us as well. It’s great that Amazon offers this to pack because the only downside is that they make it to the top of trades in places you can always retrieve them. At this price though it is worth every loss for the fun we have. We always keep a spare in the car. In this day and age of technology and video games, active fun like this is priceless. Check it out!

Package includes one Aerobie Pro ring and one Aerobie sprint ring. The original Aerobie Pro flying ring holds the Guinness World record for the farthest throw in history – an incredible 1,333 feet / 406 meters. For truly exhilarating games of catch, the Pro ring has no equals. Compact and lightweight, the Aerobie sprint ring flies twice as far as conventional flying discs for awesome games of catch. Its smaller size is its only distinction from the otherwise identical Aerobie Pro flying ring.

Aerobie Pro Ring (13") and Aerobie Sprint Ring (10") set – Assorted Colors Review

These things are awesome and can be launched really far once you get the throwing motion down! They are genuine Aerobie rings and can be thrown much farther than any Frisbee or disc out there. If you wanted to use these for disc golf though they would not work very well because they are so light. This pack is great because you get the smaller ring and the larger 13" one. Pros:- You can throw these really far and with great accuracy once you get the motion down- They fly straight and don’t hurt at all when they are caught. – You will look really cool and pick up lots of chicks if you learn to throw these and can launch them hundreds of feet with accuracy at the park or beach- You get two rings!Cons:- The colors are random, I ended up with a pink one and an orange one- These would not be good for dogs as they would be destroyed by all but the most gentle of dogs very quickly- Not the best for disc golf -Read Reviews-

Assorted colors

Soft rubber edges for comfortable catches

Thrilling games of catch

Patented high performance design manufactured to exacting standards

Made in the U.S.A

These are AWESOME! Please do your dog a favor and get these! They can go so far, and are easy for anyone! Even if you are terrible at using that tennis ball thrower thing, and can’t really throw regular frisbees that far. I used to embarrass myself daily at the dog park, and now I can throw this thing pretty far with even my non-dominant arm!Even with bite marks all over from an insane weimaraner puppy, it flies straight and long. Its made of a pliable plastic, so I’m not really too worried for her teeth. Everyone thinks its hilarious when she brings it back in her mouth, looped around her head like a headgear halo. These are a steal for the price; I thought they were going to be cheap and disposable (this crazy dog goes through toys and frisbees like they’re free or something), but they’re holding up better than the fancy frisbees with lights in them and everything. Your dog is going to love them, and you’re going to look like a pro (yes, this is something that people who can’t use that stupid tennis ball thrower worry about). Helpful? Please click on Helpful to let Amazon know! Thxx!! 😉

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