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Abba Gold: Greatest Hits

This was some of the first few bits of music I was introduced to as a child. My mother owned one of these and this was one she let me take off her shelf and spin from time to time, and when I was 7 or so she bought me my own, this was the first piece of music I owned. I learned so much more from this band than other stuff on the radio at the time, and I think as a youngster it inspired my love for singing and music in general. I learned how to harmonize while hearing the four singers independently, I learned about tempo and different instruments, and I tell you what I think I played it until the cd just couldn’t be read anymore. Fast forward some 20 years and I heard someone on the radio make a comment about "Well you gotta take a chance on it sometimes" or something to that effect, and it reminded me of this cd (namely, "Take A Chance On Me". I promptly came home and purchased this cd, and even though it had been about two decades since I had heard any of it (I am 28 now), I had this overwhelming feeling of nostalgia, and remembered the songs after hearing them once or twice. I am thankful I was brought into the music world with this band, and even though they were here and gone before my time, they taught me a lot. I wish more artists nowadays were valued not by what they looked like or their attractiveness, but more on how well they sound, how much heart they put in their music, and how positive of an influence they can be on the listening world as a whole. Check it out!

Product Description Sweden’s biggest musical export! Included are a full 19 digitally remastered hits, most notably Dancing Queen; Take a Chance on Me; The Winner Takes It All; Waterloo; Fernando , and The Name of the Game . 76 minutes of AM bliss. Anyone looking for the key to Abba’s enduring appeal should look no further than "Voulez Vous" and "Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight)" for their answer. There was an innocence to the Swedish quartet, even when they were singing about one-night stands and the invitations to them. Gold establishes that the band, while appreciated as campy, were actually multifaceted in their execution. "S.O.S." has a raw urgency in its chorus, and "Does Your Mother Know" draws its energy from classic ’50s rock & roll. Likewise, you don’t have to be Priscilla to swoon over "Mamma Mia" or "Dancing Queen." And when it comes to drama, those soaring vocals on "The Winner Takes It All" turn the song into a bitter anthem of every relationship that has ever fallen apart. The much-covered "Lay All Your Love on Me" is practically epic. –Steve Gdula

Abba Gold: Greatest Hits Review

Best Purchase that can ever be made. Mamma Mia! Have you ever been stuck in traffic with nothing to listen to? I know I have. Its horrific. But I guess thats just the Name of The Game. There is one true way to fix this. Does your Mother Know about ABBA Gold: Greatest Hits. You dont have to be a Super Trouper in the car, you dont even need to send out an S.O.S. Simply take the CD out of the case and pop it into the CD player. Not only will you become the Dancing Queen, you will also be saying Thank You For The Music. Unbeatable Dance SongsFrom Voulez-Vous to Lay All Your Love on Me, this iconic CD features some of the songs from Mamma Mia! The Musical. It also Features other songs like Fernando and Chiquitita. Knowing Me, Knowing you, youll most certainly want to get up and dance. I wouldnt recommend it though. You may be asking, Why do I need the CD when I can listen to ABBA on Spotify? Ill tell you why: Non. Stop. ABBA. Gold. Greatest. Hits. Its as simple as that. The CD plays on repeat, and you only pay the price ONE time, no monthly fee, guaranteed!Car RidesWith this CD on your side, there is no chance that you will get bored in the car. Youll even want to take it inside and listen to it frequently. Each song on the CD is like a new adventure. I cant make promises, but, if you listen to it enough, your livestock judging team should improve in creativity. Mood Improvement!This CD will most definitely improve your mood tenfold. If youre having a bad day, the wide variety of songs will quickly turn your frown upside down. It is the easiest fix when storm clouds are overshadowing your day. If there are dark feelings on your horizon, this is the CD for you. ABBA is by far one of the best bands of the 1970s. They are a Swedish band whos first hit Waterloo is included on this Gold CD. I Have A Dream that you will want to be prepared for the ABBA reunion tour in 2018. During the concert, through your knowledge of all these songs, the band is sure to ask you to be One of Us. DrawbacksYou may be wondering, There has to be some negatives to this CD, arent there? Yes, there are. The biggest negative is that you could certainly get caught being a distracted driver! You will want to dance non-stop in the car. Another drawback to this CD, youll be upset that you didnt buy two. Treat it like the treasure it is though, youll want to be careful to not scratch it, that would simply ruin the golden voices that pour out of this CD. Affordable!The best part? It doesnt even cost the much Money, Money, Money! With the sweetened deal, you should be saying Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! After all, The Winner Takes It All! You dont even have to go all the way to Waterloo to get it. This CD simply says Take a Chance On Me! Order your copy of ABBA Gold: Greatest Hits while you still can! -Read Reviews-

Even if you weren’t "around" in the mid-’70s, the music created during those few short years by ABBA will stand the test of time. The ’40s had the Mills Brothers as the high-priests of harmony; in the ’50s it was "The Platters" and the "Everly Brothers"; in the ’60s it was "The Mamas and the Papas" . .. but in the ’70s . .. harmony, within the music industry, was OWNED by: ABBA. Their "GOLD" album proves it. My oh my . .. do yourself a favor and listen to the epitome of harmony from a musical age that can never be repeated.

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