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A Walt Disney Christmas [VHS]

The Walt Disney Christmas is a wonderful set of animations including some favorite characters such as Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy, Pluto, Chip and Dale, plus Santa. The stories are all fun and lively. Burned into my memory is an automatic response to hearing OK, namely “a cake of soap, a cake of soap” from Santa’s Workshop. The first show, Once Upon a Wintertime, is cleverly done, with young love’s ups and downs mirrored in some animals, and the animals saving the day, all while the music fits very well with the actions and moods. I owned a copy of this videotape 2 decades ago, and watched it with my kids many times. My two beefs are:1. The coloring of the first one, Once Upon a Winter Time, is way too dark. Some of the darker regions are essentially black, not at all reasonable. I had lost the first copy, so when I bought a second copy about 12 years ago, I was somewhat dismayed that the new one had been censored: A scene in Santa’s Workshop that had Santa watching dollies come off the line showed each one turning and saying “Mama!” When a black dollie came down, she said “Mammy!” in a more dramatic fashion. Santa laughed heartily. Beef #2: Well, in the second one I bought, the black dollie said something else, and in the most recent one, that whole dollie section is missing. I object to this attempt to change things just because they don’t conform to today’s standards. That is like the attempt to make Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn into politically-correct stories: use it as a teachable moment to talk about stereotypes, etc., but don’t pretend such things never existed. Check it out!





A Walt Disney Christmas [VHS] Review


I grew up watching this Christmas special, and my family still talks about it at Christmas. I decided to buy a copy to surprise everyone at Christmas this year (luckily I still have a working VCR). My mother’s favorite is the cartoon about ice skating–the pond eventually breaks up, and the animals have to save the two skaters. I always loved the episode with the chipmunks that live inside the Christmas tree–they play with the ornaments and lights while the dog goes crazy trying to catch them. This video brings back the good old magic of childhood. You’ll like some of the cartoons better than others, but if you like Christmas videos, there’s really not much to complain about. .. except that it’s VHS! -Read Reviews-

This should (and needs to be) released as a DVD. … avoiding the so-called computer "restoration" (that seems to nullify the subtle watercolor washes found in Disney animation). This production is very much a Christmas classic.

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