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A Grimm Warning (The Land of Stories) Hardcover – July 8, 2014 by Chris Colfer (Author)

I’m a 50 year old Retired Air Force women who has been a fan of Chis Colfer since his days on Glee as Kurt Hummel. I’ am absolutely spell bound by all of his wonderful Land of Story creations. They are such a fresh take of our beloved fairy tells that at times I find myself laughing out loud reading them, and other times turning the pages in anticipation of what is to come next. Chris is an absolute genius the way he ties in modern day problems with the old time tales that makes it fresh and fun for all ages to enjoy. The only draw back with these stories. ..the next book does not come out fast enough! I can’t wait for book 5 and beyond! Please keep the train rolling with the movie options for this series, because I will be there along with all of your other adoring fans! Check it out!

From School Library Journal Gr 4 Up—This delightful installment brings listeners back into Colfer’s (The Enchantress Returns) unique fairy tale realm with twins Conner and Alex Bailey. Alex has settled into her training as a fairy godmother, while Conner is forced to work his way through school trying to be “normal,” which is very difficult when you have fairy blood. When brand-new Brothers Grimm tales are discovered in Germany, Conner’s interest is piqued. It’s lucky that his class is heading there on a field trip, even luckier that his crush, Bree, is going as well. As the Grimms’ tales are read, Conner realizes these stories are warnings about events that’ll happen 200 years in the future—which is TODAY. Frantic, Conner must find a way back to the Land of Stories to warn his sister and grandmother of impending doom. Colfer narrates his tale with ease, creating the illusion of more than one voice. Familiarity with previous installments is not completely necessary to follow the story; however, listeners will most likely want to hear the first two and will definitely be clamoring for the fourth due to the epic cliff-hanger. A great choice for fantasy and fractured fairy tales enthusiasts.—Amanda Schiavulli, Finger Lakes Library System, NY –This text refers to the Paperback edition.

A Grimm Warning (The Land of Stories) Hardcover – July 8, 2014 by Chris Colfer (Author) Review

I was just at his book tour yesterday in New Jersey and I am taking my time reading it, because last time with his third book, it was so brilliant that I finished it in two days. Chris Colfer never seizes to amaze me. I am in love with this series. It’s funny, it’s witty, it’s magical, and it’s adventurous. I may be 17, but I LOVE this book. I can guarantee that the ending might be traumatic, just like the ending of the third book and it might leave me pissed, but I know I will forever remember this book. Each book is beautifully written and every time I read one, I just eat Chris Colfer’s books up, mostly because they are so compelling and you just get captured into the books. They’re awesome and so cool. You literally feel as though you are INSIDE these stories with these amazing characters that he made a twist to the classics on. I feel like every time I read these books, I am inside a world filled with magic and wars and fairies and princesses and animals, and it just makes me feel like I am right at home and makes me feel safe. I love Chris Colfer. His intelligence always amazes me every time I see him in interviews on shows like GMA, and the way he describes these books, he makes you WANT to pick them up and read. If he turns these books into a movie series, I WILL DIE from happiness. -Read Reviews-

The only other series I can remember being this excited about is the Harry Potter series. Chris Colfer jumped in full-force with The Land of Stories novels, and his stories have stolen my heart. The Land of Stories is a world full of magic and excitement. We get to spend time with our favorite fairytale characters but we get to know them on an entirely new level. And new characters that Colfer introduced to us instantly become our best friends. I look forward to reading and spending time with Alex and Conner and youll never find a character more uniquely wonderful than Froggy. Whenever I begin reading these books, I am instantly pulled in, and it takes every bit of strength within me to set them down. I find myself staying up reading well past the point of exhaustion merely so I dont have to leave this magical world. Each chapter leaves me wanting more, and each story has ended with such an intense cliffhanger that my jaw literally drops every time. Now that Ive been part of this world, I daresay I never want to leave it. It is so easy to understand how Alex and Conner feel about this world, about their adventures. Because when I read these stories I get to become part of this world and experience these adventures alongside them. And they are some of the greatest moments of my life. Chris Colfer has a true gift for writing. We know from watching him on Glee that he can sing and dance and act, but I believe that his role on Glee was just a small part of helping him reach his greater purpose. Colfer was put on this Earth to inspire us. Through his bravery, his kindness, and his amazing ability to tell a story, he has done just that. I will keep reading these books as long as he keeps writing them. And I highly recommend you do the same.

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