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A Giraffe and a Half Hardcover – February 18, 2014 by Shel Silverstein (Author, Illustrator)

Shel Silverstein is a treasured author of my childhood. His themes were made for all ages, kind of like Pixar films. A Giraffe and a Half is a book we got for a good friend of ours (who is in LOVE with giraffes). We figured why not go a little retro and buy a kid’s book for her (she’s in her early 20s). Before selecting this book, we figured – giraffes, shel silverstein, kids book. . this is going to be such a perfect gift. Well we got the book shortly after ordering and before wrapping the book, we decided to read it aloud to each other. I’ve owned where the sidewalk ends, the giving tree, and have read a couple of his other collections of works, but boy, is this book amazing. As always, Silverstein’s quirkiness takes over the book from page 1. It’s a short, light hearted roller coaster of a poem and is totally animated with amazing pictures. I’m quite sure it will be a great addition to our friend’s library, or coffee table, and I highly recommend it for anyone reading this! You don’t even need to like giraffes! Check it out!

Review "Infectiously funny . . . a good nonsensical text and illustrations." –‘ C

A Giraffe and a Half Hardcover – February 18, 2014 by Shel Silverstein (Author, Illustrator) Review

I was excited to order my kid’s first Shel Silverstein. After mulling over various options for her age group I settled on this one though hadn’t read it. I wanted to like it and I’m sure it’s great for many but I found it a bit long winded (and my daughter seems to as well). -Read Reviews-

My two year old daughter loves this book, we read it nearly every day. This is a clever story which involves a giraffe and a boy where each page in the first half of the book involves a recap and something new that happens to the giraffe, starting with a giraffe who stretched to be a giraffe and a half. The second half of the book counteracts the events and removes them one by one until we are left with the initial giraffe. My daughter tries to find the bee in most pictures, much like finding the mouse in the classic Goodnight Moon.

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