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801 Powerful Magnetic Lab Stirrer / Stir Plate, Speed Range: 0-2300 rpm, Max Stirring Capacity: 3000ml

I’m a DIY kinda guy and I’ve build a few home made stir plates from computer fans and cigar boxes. While fun to make they had problems. They’d through the bar, it was hard to find the correct potentiometers for the power supplies, etc. So after the fan broke while making my last starter I broke down and bought a this stirrer. I like:1. Comes with two bars, each of which is capable of moving my 2000ml yeast starters2. Rubber feet prevent it from noisily rattling on my counter top. It’s silent. 3. Light weight but doesn’t feel cheep. The switch has a green LED to let you know its on. The knob used to adjust the speed isn’t too tight or loose, making it easy to adjust. 4. Power supply is separate from the plate itself, making it easy to clean and pack away. 5. Price. When pricing components for my DIY plates the cost was usually about $40. But then I’d buy the wrong part, or wire the potentiometer wrong and burn it out. I defiantly spent much more that the $59 I spent on this plate. I don’t like so much:1. Diameter. The product description says it has a 3000ml capacity. I think they had cylindrical containers in mind when they wrote that spec. I use this with a 2000ml erlenmeyer flask, so the base diameter of the flask is appreciably wider than that of the plate. I works but is a bit precarious. 2. The top surface is hard plastic and kinda slick, even with the moulded texture. I’d like a grippier, rubber surface to hold on to my often wet, glass container. I’m defiantly going to find a thin rubber sheet and glue it to the top of thee stirrer. 3. It throws the bar at about a third of it’s max dial setting in my 2000ml volume. Not a big issue for me because I don’t need to stir that fast but there you go. 4. The speed knob points to 12 o’clock at it’s lowest setting and 9 o’clock at it’s highest. I know its nit-picky but I wish it started at 6:00 o’clock. It’s only an aesthetic complaint but I’m like that. Overall I’m very happy. There are only a few things I’d change if I designed it but it’s totally functional and for the price compared to other commercial stirrers, you can’t beat it. Check it out!

The Apera Instruments 801 Magnetic Stirrer features a reliable design and a powerful stirring ability. It comes with two magnetic stir bars (25mm and 30mm). The speed range is 0-2300 rpm. Working diameter: ø120 mm. Maximum stirring volume: 3000 ml (0.8 gallons). Powered by DC9V power adaptor. Ideal for laboratory use and home beer brewing. Not suitable for highly viscous solutions. Glass beakers are not included. The stirrer is CE certified and comes with a 2-year warranty. The company designs and manufactures scientific analytical instruments like meters and sensors for pH, conductivity, turbidity, and dissolved oxygen for over 25 years, and meets ISO 9001:2008 Standards.

801 Powerful Magnetic Lab Stirrer / Stir Plate, Speed Range: 0-2300 rpm, Max Stirring Capacity: 3000ml Review

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An economical choice of a RELIABLE & DURABLE magnetic stirrer

Ideal for home brew yeast starters (up to a 2000ml flask)

Small, yet POWERFUL stirring ability with a Max. 3000ml stirring capacity

Smooth speed control (0-2300 rpm)

Two-Year Warranty

I’ve always been a DIY guy, and for the most part my projects have been spot on. When it came to stir plates for homebrewing, I was always hit or miss. Some plates came out ok, most not so great. I was sick of trying to get the stir bar to line up with the magnets on the base of my DIY projects, and my bases throwing the stir bars every 5 minutes. I decided to invest in a professionally made stir plate, and I chose this one. When I first received the package I thought, "wow, this is much smaller than I imagined". And upon unboxing it, it WAS much smaller than anything I had built. My standard 2000mL flasks overhang on the unit, but I don’t consider this a big deal. After plugging it in and testing it out with a full 2000mL flask, I was sold. The stir bar immediately found the base and had a very decent whirlpool at only a quarter of the way on the speed control. The rheostat is very responsive, and very powerful. Anything close to full power will throw the bar in plain water or a standard 1. 042 starter wort, but if you are working with a highly flocculant yeast or a thicker solution, this should come in handy. Overall, I’m happy with the smaller footprint in my "beer lab" and very content with the power and control of the unit. I would highly recommend to any brewer out there looking to replace a DIY project for a fairly priced, quality made stir plate. A+

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