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4Moms Mamaroo Infant Seat, Red

We found this awesome infant seat while doing some Christmas shopping for baby swings. I had already bought and wrapped some baby swings for our new triplet grandsons, 6 months old and weighing 12-14 lbs. When my son and I saw this seat it far surpassed the others in safety features and the swaying mechanism. The size necessary to place them side by side was less and more stable than the tradition high and wide base swings. I returned the other swings to the local baby store and ordered the 4Moms Mamaroo Infant seats, three of them. My son and daughter in-law are thrilled with them as are our little boys. This is a wonderful design and well crafted item. My daughter-in-law says they have given her more time to attend to other things in her home knowing the babies are comforted in their seats. They are light weight and easy to move. They can face the TV or each other as they fit well together on their stable musical platform. Kudos to the designer of this item!Grandma of triplet grandsons Check it out!

Product description 4Moms 4m-005-003 Features: -Infant Bouncer. -Collection: MamaRoo. -Finish: Red. -Decorated in the style of classical artists: Van Gogh, Monet, Seurat. -Reclining seat. -Removable toy mobile with 3 plush toy balls. -Option unique motions: Car Ride, Kangaroo, Tree Bouncer, Rock-A-Bye, Ocean Wave. -5 Motion speeds let you slow down for sleep or speed up for play. -5 Built-in nature sounds plus a hookup for any MP3 player. -Easy to use LCD display. -Removable, machine washable fabrics. -For babies from birth to 25 lbs. -Material: Plastic. -6 month warranty. From the Manufacturer We’ve never seen a parent vibrate like a bouncy seat or swing like a swing. But we’ve seen thousands of parents scoop their little ones up in their arms and bounce and sway, and that’s what the mamaRoo does. It moves like you do. Some seats claim two motions, but really, they just turn their seat to one side. When we say five motions, we mean it. Five unique motions. Five ways to soothe and entertain your little one. That’s just better.

4Moms Mamaroo Infant Seat, Red Review

I bought the swing because the way it looks, I wanted a modern type swing rather than the typical one with pooh splattered all over it. It does what it is supposed to, moves back and forth, but it doesn’t have the actual “swing” motion like most. My son can fall asleep in the car in less than 5 minutes but he is now 6 months and has yet to fall asleep in this swing. It’s movement is to mechanical and the different motions don’t seem to differ very much. The fact that I can hook my Iphone into it is nice, and another reason why I bought this product, but I find that I rarely use this feature. All in all, my son isn’t too much of a fan, I think a typical swing (even with Pooh) would work better for us. -Read Reviews-

When we were shopping for a swing/bouncy seat, we were disappointed by all the baby-ish looking ones in the stores. We wanted something that would fit the style of our house, and not clutter the room with silly bears or nursery prints. We were excited to find the Mamaroo and ordered it without even trying it out in a store first. So here’s the scoop:Pros:It looks modern. The sleek white base has a great design, and the bucket seat support is smooth and sturdy. The movement motions are relaxing, even for adults to watch, because of the way the pod moves out of the base- another great design. Our baby (who is just one week old now) enjoys the slowest movement setting, and we can speed things up once she is older. The vibrating is so very slight, but enough to be calming. She is actually napping in it RIGHT NOW and giving me time to check email, etc. The ipod feature is awesome, so we can also expose the baby to all varieties of music that we like and not tiresome nursery tunes. Nice range of sound volume too. The built-in nature sounds are good- especially the white noise. The bucket seat cover is easy to unzip and wash. The whole pod reclines for tiny people, and sits up for slightly larger people. NO BATTERIES needed. It just pugs into an outlet. The cord is about 5-6ft long. Cons:It is LARGE. It takes up about a 3ftx2. 5ft space on the floor and is about 3 ft tall. The motor that runs the base movement is louder than I expected. White noise though. .. this alone is why I gave it 4 stars instead of 5. I wish I had known that the motor was as loud as it is. BUT STILL A GREAT CHAIR and not enough noise to be a deal-breaker, for sure. Our one-week-old is too small to fit by herself, so we have to pad around her head with rolled up washcloths. I wish it had come with an extra head support for tiny people, like infant carseats have. The Art balls at the top are removable, and even though they are way cooler than most hanging baby toys, they are mostly stationery and purposeless. Small pro: the whole arm that holds the balls is removable too. All in all, I highly recommend this seat to sophisticated, modern parents, who don’t want a winnie-the-pooh chair, or the likes, in their living room, or for parents of babies who are bored with just one type of movement, either swinging back & forth or stationery vibrating. Everyone loves options and some variety, right?

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