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365 Days of Wonder by R. J. Palacio (2014-08-26) Paperback – 1800 by R. J. Palacio; (Author)

I’ve never actually read the Wonder books but this, plus other reviews have sparked my interest and it’s on my list next. This book is a stand alone, although it mentions a character from the original books if you hadn’t read them before, like myself, you wouldn’t lose anything from context. This book is full of wonderful quotes for how to live your life, or as the author calls them, precepts. The quotes deal with anything about how to find happiness, or to stay curious, or even encourage hard work and persistence. I bought this book to use in our homeschool. We are secular (without religion) homeschoolers but I wanted some type of quick character study, without the bible. Every morning I write that days’ quote on our white board and I am able to discuss what the quote means with them. My children are younger, my oldest is finishing 1st grade and about to move into second with my middle is entering kindergarten. While some of the quotes might need a little help to be explained, they understand most of them. Not only do I have the benefit of some great words to live by every morning, it’s really stretching their vocabulary in a natural way as well due to our discussions. Check it out!

365 Days of Wonder by R. J. Palacio (2014-08-26) Paperback – 1800 by R. J. Palacio; (Author) Review

It is not often that I am turned on to a book by a student. Right before break a student came to me excited. He had seen a book that came after "Wonder" in a bookstore. The only book I could think of was "The Julian Chapter". I kept trying to explain that it was only an ebook. He insised he had seen it in a bookstore. So I did what I do daily, I went to Amazon and typed int he author’s name. Imagine my surprise when he yelled, "That’s it!" He pointed to the 365 Days of Wonder. Then he asked the most powerful question a student could ask, "Do you have it on your shelves?" I purchased it while he watched. I told him it would come in over our break and he was first on the list to read it, which quickly grew. When the book came in I thought I would just look it over. It quickly became obvious that I had to read the entire book. As always, I read the ones that fell on my birthday and the birthday of family members. One thing I like the most is Mr. Browne’s thoughts at the beginning of each month. I will encourage my students to read the as well. Many will see the short quotes and want to read only that. They must know that there is so much to learn from what Mr. Browne has to say before each month’s pecepts. I really enjoyed reading and reflecting on these. I have marked several of them to use as a bell starter for my students. It has encouraged me to find more of these. This is a must have companion to the book "Wonder". -Read Reviews-

Oh, I just love this book. I am a home schooling parent, and every morning, I put the quote for the day from this book on our family chalkboard. We start off our day discussing the quote and how we feel about it, what we think about it. Sometimes we are unfamiliar with the author of the quote, and that gives us the chance to look up the author and find about more about her. These are inspiring quotes made by remarkable people. The book is an asset to me and my whole family.

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