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25 Favorite Sunday School Songs!

Seriously, love this CD. I’m 32 and I don’t care :p It started off getting it for my daughter, but when these jams come on and the trumpets start up, I cannot help but feel so inspired and invigorated. Great for cleaning the house with little ones while having encouraging and God-praising music on at the same time. Check it out!

Features 25 classic Veggie songs!

25 Favorite Sunday School Songs! Review

This is a wonderful collection of singable songs for children. The moment I realized our two year old grand daughter was singing along with, Oh How I Love Jesus at the top of her lungs from her car seat, I knew I needed to order more copies. We’ve since given four more copies away. It’s a hit every time! -Read Reviews-

I really wanted my kids to learn the Sundy School songs I grew up on. It has been a little sad that many churches (including our own) have opted to move away from the traditional Sunday School songs were learned growing up. These songs are really neat and exactly what I remember. I will admit that for the average adult, the VeggieTales can be annoying to listen to for long periods of time (some of the voices are a big high pitched), however, they provide great humor and are entertaining for children. If you would like to share some neat moments with your kids and introduce them to some of the songs from your youth – these is a very good CD. If you would like your kids to learn the Sunday School songs from “back in the day” that you still sing from time to time – this is another great choice for you.

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