Buy “2-Pack Brass Transmitters for TireMinder TPMS (TMG400C, TM66 and A1A) Automotive” Online

2-Pack Brass Transmitters for TireMinder TPMS (TMG400C, TM66 and A1A)

This is an add-on to the Tireminder set of six that we bought from Camping World to cover the 6 wheels of our dually Sprinter one-ton tow vehicle and the four wheels of our Airstream. The delivery experience from Camping Workd and UPS was a nightmare, whereas this set from Amazon was nothing but a smooth experience all the way. The TireMinder66 kit overall has been a tremendous help, but engendered some challenges of its own. If you follow the instructions correctly, although done if my friends who bought the kit at the same time found it complicated, we did not. We made one mistake during installation that made it difficult to get one if the transmitters to identify at all. But when we called TireMinder, the tech who helped was knowledgeable and friendly, and very methodical in tracking the problem and getting us straightened out. Our real challenge came from the duallies on the Sprinter and the stick rubber valves and the valve extensions. The first challenge came from a straight extension that turned out to be faulty. Not a problem until the TPMS sensor was installed, Because the system loads up each valve extension with full pressure (so it can monitor the tire) any fault in the extender that was masked because it was off with just a cap in the end is now activated. When we pulled of the tires to find the problem and replaced the straight extension with a hose extension to match the other three, The tire guy reinstalled the tire a bit differently and put an abnormal load on the rubber valve on the mated wheel. So the next day, the system told us that we were running flat. After reinfkatung the tire, we manipulated the damaged valve into a position where we could no longer hear the leak/-we had slowed it diwn. The TPMS allowed us to monitor the pressure and stop as we needed to keep the tire I’m a safe inflation range until we could get the valve changed out. One if the things that we like about the system is the ability to easily turn off the four trailer monitors from the main unit when we want yo sekar ate the Sprjnter and drive off, and then easily re-acquire them later. Unfortunately, there a mistake in the manual here you need to press and hold the center and uo buttons together until all the tires "appear" on the monitor. Then another push on one button cycles you between the truck monitors and the trailer monitors or all 10 together. When you have only it all if the ones showing properly, you exit the mode the same way you came I and all is good to go. Again, this necessitated a call to the same friendly tech, and we figured out the problem together. I do hope they’ll correct the manual fir everybody else!So a bit complex to get set up, but once it’s up and running, U don’t understand how we ever worked without it–a real must fir those who travel a lot. Check it out!

For brass and stainless steel valve stem applications. Minder Research Inc. offers a full line of Wireless Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS,) Tire Gauges, Wired and Wireless Temperature Monitors for the Home, Indoor and Outdoor Weather Stations, Home Security Light Timers, Flameless Tea lights, Night Lights and Motion & Safety Lights.

2-Pack Brass Transmitters for TireMinder TPMS (TMG400C, TM66 and A1A) Review

Was somewhat disappointed that after only having them on the coach tires a few weeks, the plastic cap began to crack on a few of them. Then one of the transmitters that had the hairline crack in the cap stopped working all together. -Read Reviews-

Extra TireMinder Transmitter for TireMinder A1A, TM66 and TMG400C TPMS

TPMS for RV, Trailer, MotorHome, Truck, Car or Any Other Vehicle with Brass (Rubber) or Steel Valve Stems

Replaceable Battery with 9-14 Month Lifespan (CR1632)

Simply Replaces Valve Cap; Small, Light, and Out of the Way (0.5 OZ)

This sensor is identical to those that came with my 10 wheel TireTech On TP7001 Wireless Tire Pressure Monitoring System w/ 10 Brass Transmitters 0-232 psi. Sold by: GoWISE USA. Their replacement pair is listed as unavailable at the moment so I ignored the admonition that the TM product ONLY works with TM systems. It works just fine but do not trust a company that so blatantly falsifies their pitch to their advantage.

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