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12-pack of Foosballs, 36mm Standard Size for All Foosball Tables by Brybelly

I just received the order of “12 White Smooth Foosballs – New” and I just had to laugh. Let’s address the “New” claim first. The “packaging” if you can call it that, was literally a Ziploc Smart Zip bag taped shut. I’m not sure if these were really new, and the manufacturer just ran out of real packaging materials and grabbed their lunch trash and packaged these up to meet the Amazon Prime Free 2 day shipping deadline. … or if the “new” was just blatant false advertising. Second, let’s address the “smooth” claim. If you consider a raised ridge around the middle “smooth” then yes, they are smooth. But, if you are like me, and think of smooth as. .. well, smooth, then no, these are NOT smooth. Compared to the real legitimate Foosballs I’ve ever seen, these just aren’t quite right. I tried rolling them along my counter top, and it looks like those crazy balls that have the weight in the bottom that zig zag as they roll. I guess the one saving grace is that these are claimed to be “foosballs”, and they do appear about the same size and weight. We’ll see how they play on a real foosball court on Monday. I’ll come back to revisit this review, because I know there will be 10’s of people sitting on the edge of their office chairs waiting for my update. EDIT: Well, I didn’t even get to attempt to play with these on a foosball table, as I inspected each individual ball and found one to have an enormous divot in the middle, rendering it useless. I will be returning these for a full refund. I’d advise staying away from these. Check it out!

Our packs of 12 foosballs are 36 millimeters, 24 grams, and tournament-ready! Available in smooth white for powerful shots, a textured soccer pattern for stronger grip, or a mix of 6 of each, our quality foosballs will fit almost any standard table. Whether you need replacements for your at-home, game room foosball table or professional league table, these balls fit the bill. Over time and through the repeated stress of shooting and contact, foosballs just naturally become chipped and worn, but we’ve got you covered with a full pack of twelve. Hosting a tournament? A family game night? Just hanging out with friends? Never be caught without a ball!

12-pack of Foosballs, 36mm Standard Size for All Foosball Tables by Brybelly Review

The balls are terrible, they are very bouncy, hard to control. A shoot from a golly that bounces of the opposite site of the table can make it back very quickly into your own golly. We had the ball jump out of the table several time. They are not perfectly round. On the other hand they seem to be indestructible. After one day of play they do not have a scratch on them. I’m returning them for a refund. -Read Reviews-

36 millimeters, 24 grams, 12 to a pack, and tournament-ready!

Smooth white foosballs are best for hard, straight shots and fast offense

Textured black and white soccer foosballs are great for pass and touch heavy offense

Grab a mix to see which you like best!

Great for tourneys or outfitting office lounges and family game nights alike

The balls are all lopsided, They have one heavy side so it’s a bitch getting them to stop where you want them to. They seem round but out of balance. The price was good.

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