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12" Gold Confetti Balloons, 6ct

Having to fill the balloons with confetti seems to defeat the purpose of buying special confetti balloons and the confetti didn’t stick all around like the in the picture but instead settled into a pile at the bottom which didn’t look nearly as cool. Update: I have now looked at the pictures from my party and can confirm they still don’t look as cool, I hung them upside from the ceiling on clear fishing line and the balloons themselves are very large and clear so they do look cool but the confetti had basically no effect all pooled in the bottom like that. I also have had the fun of clean up, when these pop the confetti goes everywhere and because its a very dull gold matte tissue type paper it does not give a pretty effect but it does cause a mess that is very hard to clean up. The tiny tissue paper squares are lightweight enough that they can cling to almost anything so I ended up having to vaccuum most of them up. I was still finding pieces a week later though! You can see the picture below to see what I mean about the confetti settling and not looking as nice as in the picture. Check it out!

Turn ordinary balloons into unique and fun party decorations befitting any 50th anniversary celebration, birthday party, or New Years ball with these Gold Confetti Balloons. A fresh take on a decorating staple, these clear latex balloons come with a packet of confetti that adds festive shimmer to them once they’re inflated. Simply assemble the included funnel to pour a pinch of confetti into each balloon before it’s blown up. Then, inflate with air or helium, and rub balloons on a carpeted surface to get confetti to stick to the sides. Let these confetti-filled balloons float to the ceiling, tie them with tasseled string for extra flair, or bunch them together to create a dazzling table centerpiece or balloon bouquet.

12" Gold Confetti Balloons, 6ct Review

The Balloons looked very pretty when first filled with helium but within 2 hours they were getting opaque and no longer floating. Picture attached shows two not floating anymore and this was only 2:30 hours into my daughters party. Not the best quality. -Read Reviews-

Package of 6 Gold Confetti Balloons

Clear balloons measure 12″ and come with 0.5oz of confetti and a small funnel (must be assembled)

Fun for a wedding, 50th anniversary party, bridal shower, New Years Eve party, or other holiday party

Fill balloons with confetti before inflating, then rub on a carpeted surface to get confetti to cling to the sides

Coordinate with other gold party decorations and party supplies

it was way too hard to get the confetti to stay on the top and sides of the balloons. i have to improvise because i was pressed for time i had to dip water in it so they stayed but there are no directions and they do not just stay if you shake them around.

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